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Grecian Winter 2020

On the back cover you can see where some of my inspiration came from...

Frescoes in the clifftop monasteries of Meteora led to the creation of beautiful prints on silk: one of Byzantine discs and one more like church windows. Another visit to the wonderful St Chapelle in Paris cemented this idea. 

Ancient rock drawings of animals, letters on stone tablets, and black and white geometric designs on Mastic village houses on Chios inspired other prints. I just love the markings on the mysterious Phaestos disc: Its meaning is still unknown... Over 3000 years old and discovered on Crete, it inspired the new metal button for the collection which was made for me in Paris. Another styling idea from Paris came via the Dior Designer of Dreams show at the V&A in London. I saw the Dior origami bow dress from 1955 and have created a version of this bow on the back of a jacket, on a shirt sleeve and a pant.  

Colours feature a brilliant orange, which is blue-based so it suits most skin tones, and elegant lavender-tinged whitewash, a flattering place blue-grey called moonstone, a deep Hellenic blue and ultraviolet. Neutrals of khaki, Prussian blue, charcoal and black are there to ground them. Natural fibres prevail: Angora/wool in coats and jackets, stretch wools and crepes, knits and silks, all mainly from Italy. This is a wearable collection of contemporary, travel-friendly clothes. Luxe elegance with alluring details.