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Autumn/Winter 2018 Inspiration: JAPAN


Aizome (indigo dyeing), shibori dyeing, gold leafing, Ukiyo-e (woodblock printing), Shodo (calligraphy) and Sumi-e ink painting are some of the fabulous art workshops you can do, and I did these on my recent Innovative trip to Japan. Whilst there I found so much inspiration and particularly Hiroshige’s ukiyo-e prints. “The ferry boats at Arai” and its gorgeous colour palette inspired this collection, as well as ancient Japanese calligraphy and men’s traditional costume: hakama pants and the yukata. I created some prints that have been realised onto luxurious silk. One of these was from an ancient script. Another was inspired by an historic multi- directional stripe and another the Tansho or Japanese crane bird.

Always a lover of the Japanese simple aesthetic, I have used ideas from the art of Furoshiki (fabric folding and wrapping) along with crossover fronts from the yukata, origami, twists, wraps and drapes.

I have had bespoke colours made and woven in Italy into beautiful wool and alpaca fabric.

The collection also features some abstract linings hand-painted in our Auckland design studio. Tailoring combines with folded edges that are softened by tactile fabrics. Colours in the collection are Aizome (Japanese indigo blue), coral and cherry red. Chalk white as used by the beautiful Maiko on their faces and Mizu blue (aqua) are fresh colour highlights. Charcoal and deepest ink navy underpin these exquisite colours.

We proudly continue to make all these exciting new garments in New Zealand.




Textured textiles and 3D innovations define Spring Summer 16/17.

Extraordinary limited edition Italian lace and exclusive silk prints form elegant silhouettes, while fabulous tumble washed Irish linen and Italian euro-jersey is styled for relaxed urban wearing.

Crisp navy and white, with highlights of cerise, matisse blue and citrus feature throughout a foundation palette of stone, grey and black, ensuring there is something for everyone.

At Jane Daniels we pride ourselves on our beautiful personally selected fabrics from Europe and the fact that all of our garments are made here in New Zealand.





Think Coco Chanel at the beach at Deauville and then, more famously, on the Côte d'Azur. This glamorous time and place is all brought to mind by the latest book by Mary Lovell, "The Riviera Set".

In the 1920s and 30s Chanel helped to liberate women from constricting corsets by creating easy, casual comfortable clothes made of jersey.

This collection is a celebration of that kind of ease that we all love: effortless clothes that can go anywhere. Comfortable knits, fresh linens from Italy and Ireland, refined stripes, pleats - crushed and crumple, and dresses in simple shapes made from gorgeous exclusive European fabrics that travel well.

A beachy holiday feel pervades: colours are fresh navy and white, stone, silver grey, denim blue, taupe, khaki and black with a few surprise highlights colours. Wishing you all a fabulous summer...






Autumn/Winter 2016’s inspiration comes from my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

'The vibrance of their day to day colour palette I found was uplifting; so I wanted to feature that throughout the collection'. Bursts of Dragon Fruit red, Aquamarine, Sun yellow and Passionfruit purple brighten up the range, while hints of Shell pink, Silver blue and Caramel form a more muted palette.

The collection features sleek sculptured shapes, contemporary masculine tailoring and edgy industrial studs. Gunmetal detailing is a prominent part of AW16, providing an individual edge to our garments.



Jane Daniels AW17 Collection encapsulates the opulence of Old Imperial Russia. Inspired by recent travel through St Petersburg and Moscow I have interpreted what I saw with a modern twist. Extraordinary embellishments, fine craftsmanship and the hidden gems of the Faberge eggs have been translated into a range of luxurious clothing.

Featuring sumptuous fabrics - gorgeously tactile alpaca, wool, velvet and silk in deep Prussian blue, khaki, red and of course ballet pink along with the deep purples and blues of the gemstones.